“The Bareness of Trees”(Elegy for a Dearly Departed Jonathan Aquino) / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
“The Bareness of Trees”
(Elegy for a Dearly Departed Jonathan Aquino)
Misty dew drops from the sky fall
Mixing with every tears I cried,
Does it hide the pain, the grief, the loss?
Somehow it masks the emptiness of the soul.
The autumn leaves left scars at dawn
When you chose to chase the light
The bareness of trees signifies your absence
When everywhere I look,
There’s no trace of your shadow
And I ask myself, would I be fine?
Every piece of music we played lingers
Bringing tears to my eyes and once again
With every breath my mind drifts to thoughts of you.
Until the last leaf falls,
Revealing the nakedness of the trees
Below an overcast sky over a downpour
The bareness of trees, branches ran dry
Unlike the welling up of tears in my eyes,
An artist can paint the sorrowful aura
Where the trees have grown on a barren land
Alas, when the sun sets again over the horizon
Until the hues of the rainbow cheers me up once more
Behind the veil where angels ascend,
I await for spring to come to witness the blooms take over the gloom.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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