NOVEMBER / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
On my beach by the sea
By the house of the winds
November is walking around
With his long and rumpled
Darkened grey hair
As grey as the wind
As grey as the sea
As grey he blends in
To November’s grey day
At my beach I meet him
Like all those years that passed
With his nostalgic eyes
He smiles at me
Curiously – expectant
He speaks to me:
-We have met each year
All these years that passed
At the same time – same hour
I knew you would come
As always each year
By this time – this hour
This moment – each year
And I welcome him dearly
With my newly written poem
My poem of November
I shout it out loud
And it warms his heart
This cold bitter grey day
His eyes they are gleaming
With joy – when he smiles
-Thank you for coming
Dear child of November
I remember your birthday
So many years ago
But still you’re as young
As you always have been
Still you’re as young
As you always will be
All this joy of living
Just imagine how life has blessed you
Although sometimes rain drenched
Although sometimes stormy
Even if it is cold
Even if it is dark
Your heart is still glowing
With love for the four seasons
The four seasons of life
Your lust for life glows
Like a bright burning torch
Deep in the dusky November
So melancholy grey
Together we stand
Like glued tight together
And watch the wild ocean
Inviting the waves
To the wildest of dances
In the back ground the winds
Plays November’s symphony!
©® Joanna Svensson
© Private picture Joanna Svensson

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