Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat

Poems by Ahmad Alkhatat
Dream with Me
They say that if I have a dream, I
must grab it and never let go
It’s similar to my love when you
grabbed it and bloom in your strength.
I love you when nobody admits it
I have a phenomenal affection for your lust
The sadness of my heart because
of people in my past who have torn it apart
I want to snuggle you day and night
I crave your kisses and moves in the dark
Take my heart along with its beats
Dream with me in the wilderness of loneliness
Your eyes have coloured our abandoned love
Your lips have filed my thirst for the purest honey
My thoughts and prayers develop into an
audible poem if you dream with me furthermore.
Montreal’s Moon
I saw Montreal’s moon in the eyes of Noemi,
Since then, I am a poet not broken but fully spoken
about devotion verses, and emotional tales that
brought tears for three hundred sixty-five days.
Montreal blues hide when I am trying to find your shadow
The smile on my face was birthed after we passionately kissed
Hold my hands and take me away from the sorrows I’m inhaling
This world has turned me into a warrior ashes of centuries ago
When I learned that I must love you without any boundaries
Being friendly and helpful is not a struggle for a wounded man
The flowers that bloom from the first night we made affection
my body became numb after I touched the sunshine in your heart
Love is not a tournament that lasts for a few hours before bed
Your love is the soul that grows in your feelings whenever I miss
having you around my arms, all the sad songs have a common
way to describe how much I miss being next to you by the sunsets.
I’m so Tired
I’m so tired
Even my eyes
are tired of me
waiting on them back home.
I’m so tired
of being often
alone with lies
and messy entertainment.
I’m so tired
and sick from
dreaming about
the brokenhearted bird in my cell.
I’m so tired
as if the times
I said sorry to
you were lines from black and white movies.
I’m so tired
It hurts until
it doesn’t any
-more, I will farewell you foremostly.

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