Mercedes Janeth Soto Sánchez (Mexico)

Mercedes Janeth Soto Sánchez (Mexico)
Mercedes Janeth Soto Sánchez (1994) is a native of Los Reyes, Michoacán. She won first place in the English Language Poetry Contest by the University of the Americas in Mexico City, 2013. She has a law degree from ITESO since 2018 and was a fellow at the ISSSTE Interface Cultural Festival that same year. She is currently the editor and coordinator of Cardenal Literary Magazine.
Tomorrow will be another day
You repeat to yourself with hope in the pupil.
Clock hands cut the exact place on your chest
Where things don´t happen.
The echoes of the rush sound
Because no decision from the past
Breathed from your dreams.
Now the shoes fit you wide.
One day dawns
You wake up,
You walk to the bathroom,
You look in the mirror
And you know
That you are already dead
Fat woman
My parents always told me
That crying was a sign of weakness,
So I learned to cry put inside.
And anger towards others
I made it mine
So mine
That I hid it under my skin.
And visibly,
I became invisible,
So that no one,
Absolutely nobody,
It could hurt me again.

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