Sophy Chen (China)

             Sophy Chen (China)
Sophy Chen (Lihua Chen), Chinese poet & translator, born in Shannxi in 1975, lives in Guangzhou and graduated from XISU. She editted and translated I Find Your Beauty In The Taste Of Your Eyes, Poetry Selection Of PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards and Sophy Poetry & Translation (C-E) World Poetry Paper Magazine and 10 poetry collections. She is the President of Sophy International Translation Publishing House and the founder of Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards. She won Pentasi B World Inspirational Poet and Italy Neruda Award and 14 awards. She has successfully organized, sponsored and held PENTASI B 2019 China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards in China. She will organize, sponsor and hold 2021 PENTASI B China World Poetry Festival & Sophy Chen World Poetry Awards in China.
Siberian Iris
Siberian Iris, your green leaves are the most grand green in front of my house
When winter is yellow withering, you become the only green in front of me
Every time when I came back, it is almost winter, everything is withered and silent
Only Siberian Iris give me a vast expanse of green as far as the eyes can see
Whether it is in stern winter rain or heavy snow, it can not stop your green
Suddenly I thought of your summer shadow, the shadow reflected in the stream
Now I can hardly remember exactly what season you are flowering
But in my memory at the time, the most striking thing about you was
The blue small flowers set each other off in the stream, there are always water magpies
Sliding over in the flowers, water magpies and the flowers are surely a good match
The beauty of that moment, only memory can make you beautiful forever
2020-02-09 22:58 Sanchazi Sophy Chen’s Original C-E Poetry
Winter Jasmine Is Blossoming
According to the practice of previous years, today is February 14
The Valentine’s Day, he always buys two or three white roses
But now where can we buy roses? All people are trapped at home
In the remote countryside, no one sells flowers and all people are not allowed to go out
Bus stops, taxi stops, Didi stops, and private cars also…
People who walked to market came back and said village gate was welded with iron gates
By the way, the express delivery has also stopped so we cannot buy online either!
Suddenly I remembered the winter jasmine on my great-grandfather’s grave
Presumably they should be blossoming! I took my camera
Stepping on dead leaves and dry weeds of sloping road, up a big slope
And when we feel hot, we finally arrives at the grave
Weeds on head of the grave, several bare and verdant
Winter jasmine branches are particularly eye-catching, and their sparse buds are budding
Unexpectedly there is a small flower bursting out of the bud
The yellowish small flower is full of energy in the haystack
We finally took a sigh of relief …
In this cold, dry, blocking, and suffocating air
The winter jasmine is finally blooming and blooming in this no roses spring
2020-02-14 21:58 Sanchazi Sophy Chen’s Original C-E Poetry
It Turns Out That The Moon Is Hidden By The Cold Cliff
Last night , it was the 15th day of the first month of lunar year, I translated poems overtime at night
In the mountain village the moon is bright and distant
The chill invaded my bone marrow at midnight, so I did not appreciate it
Tonight it is the 16th day of the first month of lunar year and the moon should be round the most
But I suddenly found out that the moon didn’t come out
Looking over the roof and the four sides of the canyon
There is no shadow of the moon, where is the moon
Is the moon of the 16th day of the first month of lunar year covered by dark clouds
The moment when I turned around, I suddenly found in the east of canyon
There was a shallow halo on the black cliff of it
The halo is getting stronger and stronger, till
On the cliff the shadow of the trees can be seen sparsely, slowly
The moon rose a dim light shadow from the shadows of the trees, the light shadow
Is getting stronger and stronger, bigger and bigger, and clearer and clearer
Until its whole body is appearing in the dancing tree shadows
If you look at it from another angle, the moon oh
It hangs beautifully on the treetop of hillside
To see its cold and cheerless looking, I suddenly felt deep cold between the canyon …
It turns out that the moon is hidden by the cold cliff
2020-02-09 22:22 Sanchazi, Sophy Chen’s Original C-E Poetry
Thin Stream
Streams in my hometown, thin streams, I did not think they were thin when I was young
Especially playing, catching crabs in the cracks of stones in summer or catching
The water grasshoppers or something in the stream pool, but no small fishes and shrimps
It is said that the stream is so thin that it does not even grow fishes and shrimps
In recent years, I’m always back for Lunar New Year and suddenly I find they’re getting thinner
I can narely hear the sound of running water, or even see the water flowing
Even if you want to have a breath, take a break, wash your hands or something on the way back
After collectting wood from the mountain, and digging earth and weeds in fields
You could hardly gather a small water hole to wash your soiled hands and face
I don’t know if it’s due to a large amount of water diversion or mining in mountains
They’ve made them so thin and the mountain springs for generations’s drinking
Like this, so thin, thinner, thinner, and thinner, and nearly drained
2020-02-29 11:50 Sanchazi, China

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