HOW I LEARNED GEOMETRY / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
The rain was pouring like a cloudburst
spreading in many streams down the Mahalla
Edna was barefoot stepping into floods
her long black hair looked like a drowned sprig of lilac
from her smooth forehead
from her eyes the colour of almond and rosy cheeks
rain was pouring down
and disappeared in her lush breasts
through her transparent white shirt
caressing her nipples
spreading throughout Mahalla
while sipping the rain off her lips
her bare feet up quick and easy
intoxicated us with its enchanting melody
while her beautiful thighs silhouetted
in hundreds of poses and hundreds of forms
I took in the image of every micron of her being
so I taught geometry
and remembered that Edna was the one and only one
beautiful geometric images and figures
that could not be duplicated but could be adjusted
in a variety of geometric image and figure
it was a new step forward in the study
I’ve always loved… geometry
especially, in the rainy days of July
when Edna trampled beside Mahalla torrents
I mostly remembered geometric images
figures and forms, and remembering all the rules
written and unwritten about Edna
the one and only one
now she is almost sixty
they say she still walks barefoot in the rain
it’s too late for geometry lessons
and I do not know everything,
but I remember much
and I cherish that memory
Ibrahim Honjo, From my book “”How to touch eternity down the Mahalla” 2016.

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