Poems by Ade Caparas

Poems by Ade Caparas
the ‘stalker’ … is the ‘lover’ who loves too much beyond his grabs… an alcoholic who’s unconscious of other’s consciousness of him, a callous unawareness! 
the stalker
in every stain of moist
in lust of your presence
i am the shadow
that forms before your eyes
a craving a link of our love
to an existence
i am the shout
that cracks every wall
worst than an earthquake
i am the convulsion
the seizure that invades
your continent to claim you as mine!
i am the face of the earth
waiting for the droplets
to transform into rain
but i am also the jealous clouds
who would never
let go the rain!
my poem 2017 July, was my vision of 2020, when finally the peoples of the world is starting to be dictated… Corona Virus, as the weapon of the ruling class (the stalkers, the filthy rich )… fronting ‘democracy’ as our status, when in fact we are being ruled in the ‘communistic’ way: politics are positioned as per their choice to execute; media are their paid informants; the workers are their money makers; common people, businesses, religions, and some upper class like arts, science, bankers, etc., are all living as per dictated… we are now the living idiots of our once a beautiful world!
__ade c.
dark poetry in septon
useless idiots
we have become
Corona Virus did it!
vaccines, are you joking?
we can land the moon
yet no cure for Covid-19?
of course there is a cure
kept until we are trained
on one-world DICTATORSHIP!
__ade c.
sydney australia

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