Poems by Margaret Kowalewska

Poems by Margaret Kowalewska
Give me that gift
Can you give me something
that I will remember
till I cease to exist?
Something that cannot be bought..
Not a jewelry made of gold
Not an expensive perfume
Not even my favourite rose
but a part of inner self..
Your poem,
tenderly expressed
that outshines
your gift
when you
make love
to me
with sincerity..
Give me that gift,
a part of your soul,
I will plant it
in the soil
of my eternity..
I had a dream
to be loved by you
but you were
not meant for me..
I thought that life
killed my dream
changing my destiny..
Among my sighs
wrapped in blue
I heard a whisper
of God;
“It is not quite
what your mind concieved
dearest soul”..
He said to open
door of my heart
as great love
is nearby..
I trust in God
with all my strength..
I know His words
hold pure Light
that someone loving
will come to me
to love me much
at the first sight..
Veiled In The Music Of The Mystical Cloud
When the silence sings in the mist,
the silver fluff wraps the sun
with a shawl of birds calm
The world, veiled in the shroud
of a mystical spellbound dance
This dance dances memories,
never lost though buried deep
in the music of a longing heart
This heart which opens eyes wide
when it hears the silence’ soft touch
healing departed souls, with love
Look at angel’s silhouette
sitting on a mystical cloud
playing the piano without a sound
This soundless sound vibrates
with a colour of rain
touching my eyelashes
with its soothing hand
Although flowers are gone.
I see them sleeping in the soil
Your soul blinding my eyes
with brilliance of thousand moons
in each droplet of crystal mist
Lonesome sequined beads,
knocking at millions of mirrors
carrying your image in me
I can’t see the sun
but I know that
it is resting now up there
I cannot see you
but I am aware
of your thoughts
You wish me well
© Margaret Kowalewska

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