Poems by Rahim Karim (Karimov)

Poems by Rahim Karim (Karimov)
I’m sorry about
that he did not become rich.
Not because I did not live richly,
but because,
could not understand the poor …
Scotland, Scotland,
Hear your name in this world
My heart rejoiced.
I want to see you,
Suddenly he set off.
Have you been in my life
I remember my past.
The sorrows in my heart,
In a moment he was dull.
Scotland, Scotland,
My tongue tasted like honey.
Scotland, Scotland,
I was heartbroken by love.
Scotland, Scotland,
My heart was burning.
Where you were born
the most precious place in the world.
No matter what the name,
It is the abode given to you by Allah.
Man is born once
and dies once.
Wherever he dies,
place of birth
of course.
I wander in the wilds of my hometown
With a collection of poems under my arm.
The dense forest looks at me with delight:
“What are you doing with the lyrics in the bazaar?
Oh brother, you must have lost your way
In time: now, after all, the twenty-first century.
And not some nineteenth century!
You can’t see, everyone is walking around with money.
Both wolves and sheep are traders today,
Are you here with your subtle verses ?!
Go home, don’t embarrass yourself with pathetic lyrics
Can’t you see how the people are laughing at you ?! “
I return home sad and sad
A dense forest remains behind.
From a distance I hear a wolf howl
Poetry of my time: the noise of market groves.
I silently drop tears from my eyes
Where are the former paradise gardens,
Where I sang happily like a nightingale
Is it really all gone forever ?!
Copyright @ Rahim Karim (Karimov)

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