Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Abortion under compulsion
By the flesh traders..
So unfortunate !
A potential is killed
Before it spreads its wings;
Before it finds its glow captured.
The society loses
A hero or a heroine
For all the time to come
For ever for ever.
Who finds what ?
Why why why….
Simply bogus and nonsense !
A mother only broods silently
In her castle.
The society thrills at her beauty,
Claps at her magical steps,
Gets intoxicated with joy
At her vibrant hues,
Goes on enjoying her body
Her flesh and the show goes on nonstop
For ages and ages .
©®Dasharath Naik
Excerpt from
My Sorry State
Losing my track in this concrete forest
Myself missing since when I know not
Absolutely obscure my existence now
As dejected‌‌ as the unwanted girl child
Thrown in dustbin or bush by roadside;
Pressurised by‌ loads of corpses
Broken hopes and dreams
On my frail shoulders;
I go on walking ahead till
My dormant soul gets enlightened
I get to the far off destination
My lost address is traced out
But I know not my dream land
And the cherished path leading there.
What a pity !
©® Dasharath Naik

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