Poems by Muhammad Azram

Poems by Muhammad Azram
Let’s do something
Do something
Or do Nothing
Let’s play a game
Of doing nothing
And of doing something
Let’s do Something
but not more than of nothing
Or do Nothing
But close to something
Or something but close to nothing
Let’s do something
As nothing
Or nothing as something
The Nothing and something
Is a pendulum
The same very pendulum called ‘Life’
Nothing and something is an obsession
Yes! The Mania called ‘Life’
Oscillate and Vacillate;
Between nothing and something
Doing nothing as something
Same as
Doing something as nothing.
My Poetic Endeavors
I am following
fragrance of
My beloved
I am following
Roads to my beloved
I am following
Footprints of my beloved
I am flowing
with imaginations
Of my beloved
They take me straight
To my beloved
I have to breach
Illusions of time
To reach my beloved
I have to tear
Frames of space
To reach my beloved
In my poetry
I am following my beloved
This journey takes me
From a known to an unknown
From believable to unbelievable
This journey unfolds on Me
The Secrets of Known and Unknown.
On the rippling surface of boundless ocean
Sailing on a little Canoe called life
On a very lonely ,solitary voyage
In a diminshing period of light
between one darkness to another grievous sinister
To the scope of an eye could travel
I see nothing but mysterious space
Between running time and fading light
which I can not see till I shut my eyes
Sailing on juggling and dancing waves
Of an endless and aimless carpet of water
I started the journey on high hopes and dreams
With all the energies and power of dawn
I trusted the oars of motivation
And started paddling with reasons
Fighting a turbulent colossal ocean
I travelled as far as I could
but after wasting all my energies
I realised I had reached nowhere
Reaching the same point at every point
and embraced nothing
But an enormous body of water
After exercising all my powers of my prime
With no power and a dying time
Throwing oars into the vastness of the ocean
Left myself on the mercy of slappy waves
As light faded away and blackness emerged
Shutting the eyes from light is not an option or choice
It was the only way left till the darkness… covered me
With its enormous weight and insistent shadows…
Muhammad Azram
All Rights Reserved

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