Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
You were spellbound and danced with the caustic
nymphs and through a different modulation
whirling the motion like the unbridled desires of tramps.
Exported the wounded dreams to the flaring clouds
and gleaned the old sorrows in a sombre mood,
You saw the rustling of the leaves weaving the demoniac rhymes
to forget the Hamletian flaws.
You gathered the gossips from twilight’s eyes
to sew the threads red and blue with the specks of blood
your seminal tears carry.
The breeze wafts the wail of the days , the blinking
of the butterflies cuddling your tears,
You missed the mellow of the dawn flowing the budding dreams
that could be an aesthetics of ignored eyes.
From the morphic resonance I felt all , the twirled myth,
the evanescence of the times , the barren beach
with few notes coax the delicate moon and the dawn left
in the dark of unrest sleep…
The Talent Of The Sun
When I saw your blue eyes in a moment of despair and
In the drops of rain in trance, in deep delights I immersed,
I heard the songs of a brook with ripples and mesmeric winds
Howling over the demised thoughts of a lovelorn soul.
Your eyes, the dark bush of the fairies of unknown land
Luscious dreams that blow with soft wings of vernal hues
A pair of blue eyes drifts the time to the hazy ambience
Of souls, seamless journey strolls in sweat and shiny sun
The sky plays in the soft depth of such pond of eyes
A sleepy invisible wood floats and sings in aromatic zeal
The tears roll as metaphors more than a poet thinks
Such eyes are jungle’s wind that blinks, speaks in totem
When stand beside the dances of corn in the field at noon
I get stuck to the magical wings of your alluvial smiles,
Your blue eyes nestled for dissipated flickering hearts
A different light, where the talent of the sun sleeps with blush.

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