Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Virginal Snow
Virginal Snow has a bewitching wand
Suffusing everything with a benign glow
Ethereal and mystifying all at once
Sunsets dipped in orange marmalade
Naked branches clothed in palls
Frisky tailed squirrels hoarding nuts
Vanilla ice cream and meringue frothing on hedges
Each home perfumed with the Yuletide spirit
Red ribbon bows on evergreen wreathes
It choked me all night
The dense fog of your memory
Dripping from the dew drops
Posing on the pines
Gaping from the gargoyles
Hurtling through the sky
It rained on the parapets
With a staccato vengeance
Never leaving the beds of pansies
Even for a split second
Mutilating their tender petals
With thistles of intrusion
I tried to halt it in mid stride
Pleading with the moon beams
To let me stop the rush of magic
It was your aura whisking me away
Deep into the portals of the universe
Till I blended with the rainbow across
The whole wide world
Your memory’s metamorphosis complete .

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