Love / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
Let me invite the dazzling colours of the rainbow,
Spread my radiance, and make my heart glow,
To influence not only my soul, but all those
Who are tired of life and morose,
Share my bright energy, my warm positivity,
Create sunshine in people’s heart avidly,
To stem love, self-protection and appreciation
Of their precious lives, God’s benediction.
Let me spread that precious love to remove hate,
In all those who cross my way, spread sunshine
Inculcate hope in the desperate, the downtrodden
The forsaken, or the one suffering discrimination.
I wish the day to come when with my prismatic soul,
I can spread amity and confidence in all,
To bring gaiety just like Mother Nature during eons,
Dancing with joy in spring’s multicolours, with fragrance.
And certainly, implore to the Lord to remove others’ clouds
And spread the best colours in their lives,
Bringing their favourite shades, to brighten their lives,
Nay, with dramatical colour, to wash their spirits clean,
To start all afresh,
To shine as brilliantly as sunshine.
For love, the power, the conqueror
Love, the healer,
Love, the balm, love to bring calm,
Without qualm,
Love the antidote, so very efficacious,
Love the potent, such a powerhouse.
Love, like the lotus flower, so resplendent,
Though growing in murky waters, still so magnificent,
Represents majesty, purity, serenity,
Enchanting by its beauty,
Brings fulfillness,
Ultimate bliss or call it simply happiness!
©Pushmaotee Subrun

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