Sulh (صلحة) / Poem by Lali Tsipi Michaeli

Poem by Lali Tsipi Michaeli
Sulh (صلحة)
For all those infected months
we witnessed the withering of souls
when the precious body wraps its two banks
as if we were a Christo and Jeanne-Claude project
in the Middle East.
But she’s dead and he’s dead
and only a target is left of them
and of us
the suspicion turned into desire that turned into compassion
that turned into alienation
and blocking on social media
as if we were back again at the communication terms
of the year in which this earth was
renamed. The development of a new language out of life itself
Ana bahebbak ya qalbi hayati
I learned the enemy’s tongue so I could read the love poems you wrote me
in moments of envisioning the apocalypse
not normalization but
not the usual matter of things but
a condition of separating from the ground
we both know,
that when fire whispers
the one who made you fall
is the only one who would help you rise up.
*Sulh صلحة – in Arabic means Resolution
tr. from Hebrew by Maayan Eitan

One thought on “Sulh (صلحة) / Poem by Lali Tsipi Michaeli

  1. This poem originally written in Hebrew hits me so hard that I am spellbound now. No words. Can’t express how to react. This poem is instigating me to learn Hebrew now so that I can feel the real – exact heat of the very construct. Though translation is too smooth. This poem by one of the finest poets of our times reminded me of the great Nazim Hikmet. Salute to the poet LALI!

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