Sue Zhu( 淑文) New Zealand

Sue Zhu( 淑文) New Zealand
Sue Zhu( 淑文), New Zealand Chinese poet , painter, organizer of international cultural exchange. She used to be TV presenter in China, now lives in Auckland. She is a member of the poetry institute of China, director of NZ Poem Art Association, honorary director of the US-China Cultural Association, One of the founders of “All Souls Poetry” club, the representative of the art literary movement Immagine & Poesia in NZ, an Editor and advisor for more than 20 Chinese poetry clubs and magazines in China, USA and NZ.
She is a multi award winner in the Chinese national poetry competitions.
Pushcart Prize Nomination (USA) in 2020. She has won the Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano Literary Prize (International Section) — X (2020) in 2020.
The Wooden Fish*
Let’s Mediate
How the wooden fish,
Being hammered
Thousands of times
But still able to breathe.
It tells us that
Survival always goes
Together with suffering
You need to think of
Impermanence as normal
The wooden fish is silent ,
Yet always awakened,
Holding tolerance and forbearance
* Wooden fish — also known as a Chinese temple block or wooden bell , In most Zen/Ch’an Buddhist traditions, the wooden fish serves to keep the rhythm during sutra chanting.
English Translation: George Onsy (Egypt)
To My Daughter
In one afternoon
I wrote a long letter and sent a gift to You, my daughter
who are far away from me and just turned 16 years old
The choice apples throughout the ages
with their origins marked out one by one
One is from the distant East Eden
And a golden apple burning in a wedding banquet
Still another one handed into the dwarf’s window by an old lady
There is one that once appeared in Socrates’ class
There is also an imaginary one set by Fromm’s goal that he was to try to jump up to reach
There is still another one discarded away by the careless Charlie,
just waking up Newton who was meditating
Besides there is one that once went across the Sahara Desert with a traveller
Another one is a token of love under the apple tree outside the fence in 1942
And there is still one more from the garden, which we have been cultivating together
Those apples have their own aromas
which can be made into a uniquely flavoured jam
Accompanying you for your whole life
Have a good journey
English Translator: Jimmy Wei (New Zealand)
In the day
You are silent
as same as those lamps
But night time
You were lighted up by darkness
Like me, withered
Complete the bloom.

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