Jose Luis Rubio (Spain)

Jose Luis Rubio (Spain)
I was born in Cádiz in 1951. I currently live in Conil de la Frontera
Founder and Coordinator of the Azahar Poetic Magazine since 1989. At present, this magazine has more than 600 collaborators in each issue.
Director and scriptwriter of the program Vientos Flamencos, broadcast by Radio Juventud de Conil, since 1989.
I have published 11 solo books, Mijagas Ardientes, Bubbles, Memory, Unborn, Between lights and shadows, The mirage of kisses, Speaking clearly, Flamenco, The sound of Nature, Imperfect mathematics, Those who dance with color, 1 in collaboration with my niece María José Berbeira, Growing between verses and in various anthologies.
In 1991 I won the local prize of the I Conil Poetry to the Sea Contest, the second prize in 1993, 1994 and 1995 of the Conil Torre de Guzmán Contest, Second Prize in the VII National Poetry Contest of the Fina Palma Poets Group of Horta, from Barcelona in 2003, second prize in the V International Contest of Letters of Love, prose category, in Miami, in 2004, and in 2006 I obtained the Second Prize of the XV Conil Torre de Guzmán Contest.
What flag is yours?
Mine is not red, nor green, nor white,
not blue, not purple, not yellow.
My flag has the color of freedom,
of equality, of truth, of love.
My flag does not fly on any flagpole.
I wear it under my skin and nobody sees it.
It is a flag that does not carry behind
no army because you don’t need weapons
to defend its fundamental principles.
It is a flag that many betray
because they don’t know how to love, because they run from the truth,
because they don’t feel the same, because they don’t understand freedom.
I have written clearly
on the white wall
an old thought
that I read a long time ago
in a holy book:
Love if you want to be loved.
I have noted with red letter
on an immaculate sheet
an unforgettable phrase
that I heard a vate
in a theater recite:
Never give up on freedom.
Read the messages.
Write them everywhere.
Recite them in the streets.
Throw them to the four winds.
Prevent them from getting lost in time.
Wonder when you see the sun
because hot bread awaits you on the table,
why do you have a chair to sit on,
a water with which to comfort you,
a dress to wear.
Ask yourself why you have it
and other men don’t.
How are you different?
You are not surprised. If you were born
in another place everything would have been so different.
You will also think that there are those who live
better than you and you’re right.

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