Joanna Kalinowska (Poland)

Joanna Kalinowska (Poland)
Joanna Kalinowska, says about herself, that she was born under a wandering star. She, as a child (a daughter of an officer), often moved from one place to another. These constant changes taught her the openness and the willingness to meet new people and places. She spent many years in Poland. Twenty years ago she moved to Italy. She has always been writing but she publishes now. Her book “Ascoltando Azzurro –Wsłuchana w błękit” was written so that people who speak different languages can express the same feelings. Three volumes of her poetry were edited and her poems were printed in various anthologies and magazines. She writes and publishes in two languages, both Polish and Italian. She loves these two countries. They are her homelands. She arranged “The Amici Italia-Polonia Association”. Its headquarters there is in Taranto — the city where she lives and works. She is a teacher, but she actually works as a translator and an activist of the Polish community. She is a member of the Warsaw Association of Literature’s Translators. Joanna works for the Italian literary-cultural group “La Vallisa”, too. She also cooperates with magazine of this group. She is the initiator and organizer of many cultural and social events.
Port Of The Lost Hope
I feel a vessel on the high seas, in the middle of a storm,
a boat that embarks water from all sides, staggering,
almost turn up side down buttries to stay still straight,
not to break and let itself go down
sheer, in the abysses of the sea
the helmsman is always vigilant to keep the route
He did everything not to sink
has crossed the sea of prejudices
collecting the shipwrecked souls
skipping the vortices of ignorance and indifference
this sailings hip seems how ever to sink
its mast is broken
and the sails torn by the fury of the winds
in the oceans of evil it met so much fear
and sails following the stars in the sea of pain
driven by the changing winds of destiny
it seems be worse when it opposes the waves
maybe it’s better to stay and sway to avoid being overturned
because pain is always an unacceptable mental form
that tries to deny what does not want to understand
perhaps it is better to close the hatches of the heart
in the middle of the immense waves that are passing
it is necessary to make a stopover in the islands of peace
to mend the torn sails,
to rest and then take the new routes
and after words, like a good sailor who can hold the helm,
raise the sails to catch the new wind
Translated into English by Maria Miraglia
Carrier Of Mystery
carrier of mystery
smiles to herself
she sees the universe enclosed in a droplet
she is a priestess
guarding the gates between the worlds
and she is the gate herself
chosen by a soul
what’s going to come back to her?
It is in her but it is not her
it feeds on her blood
but it gives her pure light
from which love will flow
the purest in the world
Translated into English by Alicja Maria Kuberska
Without The Last Kiss
sometimes you wake up
and it seems like there was nothing there
just an empty sight
as if with every day
life just got away
pride is the virtue of stupid
above every road
some rain may fall
but you loved
and let your love go away
without a single day in luck
and everything went without warning
watch out for the siren song
drifting by the sea
lonely ship without a sail
breakdown like a stone
sinking into despair
and now you are here, on the sea shore
what is it going to be will be
you cannot make a break for it
you cannot escape destiny
Translated into English by Alicja Maria Kuberska

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