Faleeha Hassan (Iraq)

Faleeha Hassan (Iraq)
She is a poet, teacher, editor, writer, playwriter born in Najaf, Iraq, in 1967, who now lives in the United States. Faleeha is the first woman to wrote poetry for children in Iraq. She received her master’s degree in Arabic literature, and has now published 25 books. Her poems have been translated into English, Turkmen, Bosevih, Indian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Spain, Korean, Greek ,Serbia ,Albanian , Pakistani , Romanian , Malayalam and ODIA language. Ms. Hassan has received many awards in Iraq and throughout the Middle East for her poetry and short stories. Faleeha Hassan has also had her poems and short stories published in a variety of American magazines such as: Philadelphia poets 22, Harbinger Asylum, Brooklyn Rail April2016, Screaming mamas, The Galway Review, Words Without Borders, TXTOBJX, Intranslation, SJ Magazine, Nondoc, Wordgathering , SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, Courier-Post, I am not a Silent Poet, Taos Journal, Inner Child Press, Atlantic City Press, SJ Magazine, Intranslation Magazine, The Guardian, Words Without Borders, Courier-Post, Life and Legends,Wordgathering, SCARLET LEAF REVIEW, Indiana Voice Journal, The Bees Are Dead, IWA, Poetry Soup, Poetry Adelaide Literary Magazine, Philly, The Fountain Magazine, DRYLAND, The Blue Mountain Review, Otoliths, Taos Journal of Poetry and Art, TXTOBJX, DODGING THE RAIN, Poetry Adelaide Literary Magazine, NonDoc Philly, DRYLAND, American Poetry Review, The Fountain Magazine, Uljana Wolf, Arcs, Tiferet and Ice Cream Poetry Anthology, Dryland Los Angeles underground art &writing Magazine , Setu Magazine , Opa Anthology of contemporary, BACOPA Literary Review , Better than Starbucks Magazine , Tweymatikh ZQH Magazine ,TUCK Magazine , Street Light Press, Empty Mirror Magazine , Spider Mirror Journal, Turn A Page Or Two, Within Darkness & Light, RAMINGO Magazine, Pyrokinection magazines, Anapest Journal, NewMyths , Oprah magazine, The Paragon Press ,SIXFLOD ,Our Poetry Archive Magazine , L3 Magazine , ETHOS literary journal, WHERE WORDS MATTER SPILWORDS PRESS , Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World , Alien Buddha Zine#4 , Mama’s smile magazine , The Love Poets anthology , The First Class literary magazine , The U.S. World War I Centennial Commission, The Word For Peace in Many Languages anthology , Bacopa Literary Review , CONSEQUENCE magazine, PHILADELPHIA POETS 2018 Volume 24,We Got This, Lift Every Voice poetry Anthology and Arkana a literary journal mysteries , marginalized voices , POETRY GULCH REVIEW and EBER& WEIN PUBLISHING BEST POETS OF 2019.Interantonl award (CITY OF GALATO- ANTONIO DE FERRARIIS) 2020, TIME OF THE POET REPUBLIC 2020, POETRY GULCH REVIEW 2020, 35th Edition and OPT Motive Literary Magazine .
Faleeha Hassan. Pulitzer Prize Nomination 2018 ,PushCaret Prize 2019 , IWA
Winer of the Moonstone Chapbook Contest 2019
Cultural Ambassador – Iraq, USA
The Door Now
His feet are planted in vanishing clay
like a timid discussion
An awkward moment
Just waiting for someone to open it
No visitor’s hand can smooth the crackle of desolation from his face
No ray of hope
Or longing for a quick touch
The more time passes
The more the meaning of his presence is fades
His eye is now ringed with fear
As if he keeps watching the seeds of nothingness forming in the deep of a dark tunnel
About war I’m talking
What if I slept all that time
I had hibernated from 1980 to 1988?
To be a safe bear
Or wood frog with full body parts
Is much better than being locked in a damaged soul
Your meaning of existence is peeling harshly
Whenever the storm of war is blowing,
I remember
In the time of war
The soldiers’ mothers
Are unable to pass their hands through the thickness of the walls of absence,
To gently smooth the hair of their boys
Or wipe their dusty faces,
Time after time
Disappointment hits them non-stop
like a squash ball in the hand of a beginner player
While hope keeps escaping from their hearts as nimble as a cat
In the end
They will not cry
But their eyes are melting
Drop by drop
Invisibles like us,
They wish they could heal
From the brain perforating
And not wake up
Shouting in the ears of the house
I am here
I am here
Like someone reading a unmemorized manuscript
invisibles like us
One day the lips of the bombs
Will drown them with hot kisses
1980 to 1988 , the duration of the Iran – Iraqi war
wood frog, this frog dies in the winter time and comes back to life in summer
Your Love Is a Foetus of Mermaid
Here you are
Leaving your shadow
On a seat and my heart like a heavy weight
Without knowing
That the staying with you
while we waiting for train does not come
It is the great purpose of my all life
I am the woman
who does not want to dry as a raisin but on your palm.

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