Florin M. Ciocea (Romania)

Florin M. Ciocea (Romania)
Florin Ciocea born 11.06.1957, Feteşti city, Ialomitza country, Romania.
Poet, prose writer, journalist, published 15 books.
Bury your palms in my soul
And bring in light my love for you;
If you don”t
The stars will shine less,
And the clear vacuum will fill
With that despair of matter,
Which puts fear in the face of women.
Hide in the deep well of my eyes
To see how much i love the grass,
Forests, mountains and people,
And may,
You will love me so much.
If you meet me… do not bypass me;
May be season that heals you from sadness
Or the first snow shivering your cheeks in december.
Wherever you look can only see the shadows of the people in the sky
And the shadow of the sky coloring their souls,
So, paradise exists in traveling shadows,
We feel it,
But we will never live in it,
Because the matter of your steps
Draws an impenetrable wall
Between the soul imprisoned in the ephemeral shell
And his reflection on the transparent wings of clouds.
Because it”s dark and cold in the universe,
Ignite the light in your heart
And leave it there;
A beacon for the saddened,
For lonely wanderers waiting
A little hope to shatter
The cold darkness of their soul.

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