Gopal Lahiri (India)

Gopal Lahiri (India)
Gopal Lahiri is a Kolkata- based bilingual poet, critic, editor, writer and translator with 22 books published mostly (13) in English and a few (8) in Bengali, including three jointly edited books. His poetry is also published across various anthologies as well as in eminent journals of India and abroad. He has been invited in various poetry festivals including World Congress of Poets recently held in India. He is published in 12 countries and his poems are translated in 12 languages.
Little Light
Someday little light gets into rooms
measure the buoyancy.
The soft voice of the wind wipes the dust
of unforgivable desert inside,
Those ripped out notes, keep it tuned
listening to the walls braces whine,
Morning rays give birth to freedom and hope
meet outline of the dusk’s glow,
Why ever people want to go move out?
windows chase butterflies in tow
Aging unsettles into streams of memoir
ebbs and flows, unravels the pristine landscape
Night misshapen and maimed, stars cease to knock,
dark shadows and the veils of cobwebs
swing on the high ceiling,
Lights on the edges, muffle its curses, look like half a light,
silence follows the footsteps,
the strong wind returns soft words,
Unknown voices dip slowly, a flush comes from behind,
dews of innocence,
night birds flapping their wings over the em
A stretch of black sky pulls down the eyes,
silence wraps all around,
palms storing whispered sentences,
The rains never hurt, never scar the painted walls,
the tiny drops now turn into secret notes,
Grey hairs memorise all those absurd moments.
The dark night amplifies,
the pressured heart of the poor and homeless.
Final flecks of pedicures chip away,
you are coming face to face what lies beneath.
Silent cries litter the doorsteps and window panes
phone calls are full of halos and tears.
The smell of smoke
and the pungent musk of the chemicals are history now.
A tuft of grass is slowly riffling,
amid the calm sea of blades.
The quarantine hero rises up in your dreams,
the promise of rebirth looms large.

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