Saaumyajit Acharya (India)

Saaumyajit Acharya (India)
Saaumyajit Acharya is Indian poet, writer, translator and scholar. He has ten books in his credits till now. His writing has been translated into English, Spanish Serbian, Nepali and Jharkhandi languages. His writing has been broadcasted in FM radio stations in Bolivia, South America.
Saaumyajit has participated a number of International Literary Festivals. He is executive member of International Literary Meet, Kolkata, Managing Editor of Poem Vein International and joint editor of Bahoman journal. He has been awarded with numerous prestigious awards. His literary works get frequently published in leading magazines and newspaper across India, Bangladesh, Belgium and Australia.
The water was flowing towards the sea
Why did you put it in the bottle?
Like a ball of wool
The noon is opening up
Like the ball of wool.
The secret pain that has been wrapped
Is opening up.
If it would have got
A handful of sunshine
The pain would be a sweater
Hanging on the terrace, verandah
Would have been sold
In the colourful town by the Bhutani girl.
The secret pain that has been wrapped
Is opening up.
Rolling away into an edge of the ditch.
Who does not know
The pain of falling into a ditch
It’s afternoon.
A Road
A road,
Smoothened by the fresh asphalt
Beside are milestone,
At the side of the road are few vendors
Selling cucumbers and mangoes.
Flies are encircling.
There are no dogs lying
Under the variety stores.
A road,
Were breeze is blowing
People calling
But no pedestrians…

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