Poems by Ahmed Raffa’a / Translated into Bengali by Professor Dr. Masudul Hoq

  ————————– ইরাকের কবিতা ———————-   মূল : আহমেদ রাফা রূপান্তর : মাসুদুল হক   ১.আলো এখান থেকে যায় (Light passed from here)   ক. আমি ক্লান্ত সমস্ত নিঃসঙ্গ সন্ধ্যায় এবং অনেক বার আমি কেঁদেছি   খ. আমি কখনো দূরবর্তী … Continue reading

who has seen the wind / Poem by Aprilia Zank

Poem by Aprilia Zank
who has seen the wind
nescient voice in my early twenties
I had forgotten
Christina Rossetti loved fairy-tales
(I used to sing this song –
John Lennon&Yoko Ono –
I recorded it on tape and
sent it to my distant lover)
recovered it after half a life
wondered if it still worked
(when you open the envelope
crammed with a skeleton of syllables
and you are a stranger
to your own words)
these are not my finger prints
these echoes don’t mould
into what I called love
have I ever seen the wind
or just heard the hanging leaves
while waiting for the postman
to hand me over
the sound of love

Lilla Latus (Poland)

  Lilla Latus (Poland)   she is poetess, translator, author of reviews, song lyrics, articles about travelling. Many times awarded both for her poetry and engagement in cultural activity for local community. Published nine books of poems. Her poetry has … Continue reading