Goodbye … / Poem by Slavka Bozovic

Poem by Slavka Bozovic
Goodbye …
I was with you while you were fighting
I never left you
When you cried, I tried to comfort you
I didn’t want to leave you even though I knew I was wrong.
I wanted to make you happy with words
He was joking to make you laugh
I didn’t let you feel alone,
I’ve always hugged you friendly.
When I was sure you succeeded
And that you will laugh again, when it is a cloudy day
When I made sure you weren’t alone
I left because you don’t need me anymore.
Don’t mind, I’ll never come back
Although there will be times when I will suffer …
I will not address or bother you
I will dance on the thin strings of poetry, where you will not look at me …
© Slavka Bozovic
Country: Montenegro

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