In the curse of a tree / A collaborative poem written by Radhakrishnan Krishnan and Nutan Sarawagi

In the curse of a tree
A collaborative poem written by Radhakrishnan Krishnan and Nutan Sarawagi
A small village with no approaching road,
Villagers trod muddy path with heavy load,
They planned for a road construction,
A grand banyan tree was the obstruction.
They wanted it to be cut, but it was too big,
It didn’t gave way to their axes mighty swing,
They got together, showered curses on tree, Tree crashed after month long cursing spree.
Cursing sucked the tree’s life energy,
If tree wilted in negativity, we are in jeopardy,
Negativity enters to take root in our cells,
Resulting in stress that ultimately kills.
Dumped with toxic feelings of disgust,
Jealousy that makes our conscience rust,
Stress that adds blood pressure and ulcers,
Negativity, an obstacle that makes us suffer.
Let us find good things in us and in our life,
Acknowledge good things in others’s lives,
Rejoice in the good parts to make life joyful,
Move ahead in path of positivity, be gleeful.
Find silver linings in dark clouds every day,
Let us inhale positivity even in a gloomy day,
Our minds be beacon in times of adversity,
Rise to challenges, get through complexities.
Shift in perspective is need of the hour,
Self- belief is the secret to power,
No negative moments, only negative people,
Exhaling negativity, surge in life’s steep hills.
The tree was struck
in it the crux
of human existence if you must
for don’t we create what we destroy
in it to axe it such
for when we live it is for us
n when we die it is as if we must
then who created this life n death
in it to take the cycle in us
let us all die for once
to see what is life that we take with us
nothing in it but our reasons to live
in it as if dying
to trust love us
Instead let’s make a world in which we each live as much
in a thread woven in trust
where everyone lives where nothing rusts
where everything grows into the dust
like a tree shedding its life for us
Touching us ….
Rustling as it lies
crunched beneath our feet
in a pain hidden deep within
inside us

Radhakrishnan Krishnan

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