Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash
“A dialogue between two lovers”
He said to her:
O sweetheart, O magic chant
Who dissolves and scatters in the cup of my youth
Aren’t you caring for my love, O fragrant rose?
Your breathtaking beauty seem bewitching
Longing strikes my chest while you are afar
And the emotion whispers throughout my eyelids
Is there anything to say after this estrangement of both hearts?!
O heart, be quiet and put the pain and blame aside
O heart, the beloved is leading her soldiers to the battlefield of hatred
Do I miscalculate and misunderstand the situation?!
Is it a real estrangement, or seems so because you are another woman?
Good morning and evening my happiness and contentment
She replied:
Good morning and evening of longing, emotion and affection
No, no, good morning and evening of real love and life
You talk about estrangement!! How do you suggest that?
How do you delude this estrangement, oh you all love!!
I love you, only you and no other!!
I love you!! Do you understand?
I’m another woman!! Do you understand?
A woman who loves you and can’t live without you
A woman who loves your world
Who can’t be far away from you
Excuse me, I’m another woman!!
Yes, I’m another woman who follows your footsteps
And do more and more!!
I’m a woman who has no life without you
A woman who spends the nights dreaming of you
A woman who hopes to keep warm beside you
Doesn’t stop thinking about you so as not to forget you
Excuse me, I’m another woman!!
A woman who doesn’t speak other than the language of lovers
Your smile makes me mesmerized by the most beautiful looks
A woman who aspires to see you day and night
Excuse me I’m another woman!!
I’m a woman, different from the women of these days,
Fits you as a man different from the men of these days!!
And because I’m a different woman I love you, different man!!
How much do I love you!! Do you understand?
Surely you understand!! I’m sure you understand!!
Note: “Another woman” means another sort of women.
When she appeared with her magical look as the sun rises at dawn,
The eyes popped, the necks rose up and the chests flared
When she walked and saddled like a beautiful peacock
She looked like an elderberry blossom “trimming its branches and brushing its leaves”
Then, the sceptre bent, the earth stretched out in the arms of the encounter and the hearts melted
The minds were lost and the wise men and their wisdom vanished
The lamps of light became faint and dim in the depth of the soul
The lighthouses, the traffic lights went out and the candles melted
The tambourines tinkled and the drums beat
The music played Beethoven’s symphony “The Moonlight”
The walls of the heart danced the “Penguin Dance”
The heart’s rooms astonishingly and deliriously cried
The rhymes and poetry collapsed, contracted and cocooned
The strings and the roads intertwined
The doors, windows and all entrances were sealed
The calls to prayer went out of the mosques and the bells rang in the churches
The cheeks were scented with the most luxurious perfume
The fingers became wet with the nectar of violets, jasmines and all sorts of flowers
The eyes clang to the infinities of distances
The moon glowed at the top of the sky,
Above it was a smile of hope and optimism about the future
Then, as an angel, she twinkled, dangled with her splendid stature and disappeared!!
Congratulations to her, congratulations to me
Congratulations to everyone who loved or knew her.
Note: “Sceptre” is used in the English literature and “Scepter” is used in the American literature.

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