What would you say ? / Poem by Imen Melliti

Poem by Imen Melliti
What would you say ?
If you could see me now
Would you recognize my hidden pain
Would you follow my dropping tears
Would you see the greif behind my fake smile
You May see a cold stone
But not a burning fire deep inside
You May notice my crazy laughter
But not a bleeding soule moaing silently
You May get impressed by my artificial beauty
But you can never reach my depth
And touch my lost broken pieces
You May look at My face
But it can’t tell you what i faced
You May see me struggle
But never see me quit
I stumble but i get Back up
Im strong now because i’ve been too fragile
Im fearless because i’ve known hardship’s bitter taste
I keep remembering harsh lesson
To be what im today
I can’t forget the day
I begged you to stay
But you have never say
What i need to hear from you guy
Please go away
I stil Wonder what would you say
Im not for you today

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