Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
The wide range of your vows
Seems bordering with the sea,
Covers the soul of soil,
Fills the whole vale,,,,,,
Begins from zero to final point,
And gets straight line,
Without curves, corners or bends,
It gives the aesthetic view,
Always new, always bright,
Always right, always right…
Extensive and splendid,
Full of iridescent opal caves,
Treasure of carols and pearls,
Unseen wealth of the world
Lying in slumber under heavy stones…
Pretty enough and motivating,
Brown and blue on surface,
Rich in depth, unfathomable…
Unexplored spot, sleeping in silence,
Murky nights and bright days go by,
Like the worn passers by,,,,,,
Links all parts in embracing,
Never leaves broken pieces all alone,
Never moves without all stuff,
Never plays gimmicks with its own organs,
Never harms in all weathers,
Never gives up the dry or damp stones,
All stony or thorny peaks,
All green or dry cliffs,
Make texture in close nexus,
Like the planets on axes
Move around the sun…
There is much more caress,
With the touch of lips,
Like the breeze with clouds,
Get satisfied with curing care,
Like the butterflies guard the rose,
Come on my lap,
Sleep on my knees,
Like gem in shell,
Let me cradle you so long
Like the baby in slumber,
Let me make you drowsy,
Like the fish in water,
Let me sing the whirling song,
Like the hurricane on land,
Let me bring the earthquake,
Like the jolts in aftershocks,,,,
I move on your wings,
Like the water flows between the banks,
I live with you,
I live in you,
Like the fragrance in the flower,
You come in my darkness,
And I get brightness,,
And I shine with light of love,
And I twinkle among the stars….
You are my inspiring beauty,
My inspiring energy, my exciting power,….
I do get vivid and lucid light,
Like the moon in darkness,,,
You yearn for me and yell aloud,
You yearn for me and feel crazy:
Begin to love,
Break the barriers,
Cross the borders of inhuman salvage,
Kick out all hindrances
That baffle and bother you,,,,
Your embrace makes me happy,
Like the day after dark night,
Your kiss is my bliss,
Like the breeze with clouds,
Come in my arms like the rose in hand,
Intertwining in nature so deep,
Like the water in the sea,
Oh, baby,
Oh, my love!
When I swim in the mid of sea,
And try to catch the boat,
And fight with fierce sharks,
And try to save human life,
And strive to guard myself,
You come to stand by me,
You come to cross me from the waters,
You always arouse me…
When I soar on the horns of beauty,
And touch the stars in the sky,
The moonlight makes the way for me,
The stars salute in line,
And galaxies go to gush,
In the rush of foggy waves,
You come to hold my hand,
And fly together,,
You always arouse me,,
When I walk into dark night,
Owls do hoot me aloud,
The winds do work with force,
The stones do pelt from the top,
I do stumble and trudge along,
I do groan and cry in pain,,,
You come to get me across,
You always arouse me,,
When I slumber in ignorance,
And avoid the vivid fact,
And avoid the avid life,
And avoid the cupid and the muse,
You come to pinch me warm,
You always arouse me,,,
There is difficulty but there is beauty,
There is torment but there is deliverance,
There is negativity but there is positivity,
There is evil but there is good,
There is ugly but there is pretty,
You come to whisper in my ear,
Like the ping of mosquito,
You come to fill up my soul,
You come to make me beautiful,
You always arouse me!
@Dost Muhammad Rajper

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