Poems by Tulsi Shrestha

Poems by Tulsi Shrestha
Feel proud to join in procession of animals right
But you still enjoy flavour of flesh in dinner night.
Manipulate the meaning of sovereignty and
To feed fruits of invasion enclosed inside
A world that belongs to you, no right for
others to view.
Still you cry aloud ‘Humanity Resided Inside
Dialectical conscience always revolves inside
To destroy the serenity of mankind within you
Advocate in favour of humanity in sunshine
Programme to conquer the world in mid night.
Sympathise in griefs of neighbours in day light
Plan to capture resources belong to them in
A glory of walk to new house painted with
white wash
Might turn a laboratory to culture a race of
your own choice.
Ambition that you got, keeps away others
from their faith.
A dawn of destruction peeps out from white
Duality inside you, will reverse what you say
and do.
Feel glorious to announce as Advocator of
World Peace.
But not hesitate to flood blood for few inches
of land.
Need to feel shame to cry in favour of
equality and justice
When you are one who violates human rights
Your shadow might have frighten Peace and
Indeed, you are a human, but without heart of
Just to nourish your ego, you enjoy to
dominate others
You dream to visit Mars for your lustful honey
While people here, die without a drop of water
so soon.
Still you always try to justify evil attitude as
God’s boon.
Dual parameters to blame others and justify
Proclaim yourself as an angel who preaches
God’s view.
The criteria of morality changes along with
power you gain.
What you remarked as illicit, starts to get your
own shade
Dual personality turns out to be reality of your
own life.
You are product of your own decisions, not
Any things that you do is a reflection of duality
inside you.
You ensure duality as gate of fate for your
Might not have suffered from incurable
symptom of duality
If you have remained innocent and ignorant as
a child.
Triumph of victory, an illusive
achievement…Isn’t so oh my friend?
Standing at your grave, to recall the day you left
Waiting for you to rise again, I hadn’t yet slept
Flooded river with drops of my bloody tears
Speechless sorrow that my heart bears .
Leaving a wound that never heal from deep
You are still resting in ultimate deep sleep
With aching heart and grief of pain
Without you, how could I live in vain .?
You are one whom I can claim as my own
You carried along with you,a part of my own.
Now I am incomplete without smile of you
Tears of despair, linger like twilight hue.
I always think of your beauty in my dream
And mesmerise your smile in day beams .
I still feel your warm breath upon my lips
Why you do flee my sweet heart from my grip.
Treasure of memories ,a bond of love and live
Oh my sweet heart ! I will carry as long as I live
I will be faithful to you until I die, believe me, my dear
A true tribute to you, my love, indeed so eternal -pure.

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