Sehma / Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
Cast me amidst the pages of a book
And never question the gloom on my face.
Tell me that hatred is no longer there
And people took to a loving race.
Tell me that wars are but a nightmare of lore.
Peace is gaining a wider space.
Tell me no hungry child Will cry
Childhood regains its swings for mirth and dance.
Tell me that Pets are taken care of
No bullet no blood no ferocious chase.
Tell me that one day, He who painfully refused to come
Will finally show up with generosity and grace.
Tell me that the virus will wither,
And go to the doom of a furnace.
Tell me that I once more may live
The flare of a family gathering and dinner will taste nice.
Tell me that the scar will disappear,
No hammering sun, no disgrace
Tell me that thorns will be plucked from my country
So that it becomes a better place
No theft, no treachery no hypocrisy
A better map of prosperity we zealously trace
Tell me, tell me, and made me listen to a new melody
delight will come at its own pace
@ sihem cherif 14/1/ 2021

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