THE DAIALOGUE HAS A REST!! / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
When I asked her about herself and her heart’s news she said:
In the past, I used to listen to the stories of lovers
To write down their conversations and transform them into love stories
To spin roses with which I would decorate my hair
And to color my diaries with
But I forgot that I was a part of those stories
Which they lived and told, while I was the heroine in
Even more, their main components were some passions which shook me
Embraced my feelings and spied on my soul
Although I hoped that one day I would share the lovers’ traits
I vainly tried to achieve them and there was no hope or benefit
The past was over and turned into memories
The present shows no optimism and no great expectations
The future will be murky and without clear features
While you and I are no more than two symbols
Who occupy two pawns in a game of chess
In which we may become prisoners
Or perhaps one will gain the status of the king and ascend the throne
The other will attain the rank of the ordinary pawn
No doubt that both matters can only be achieved
With a hymn in a word game and a table of pawns!!
The glory is to God, in the heaven and on the earth
The dialogue is not finished yet and the rest may come later!!

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