Tareq al Karmy (Palestine)

Tareq al Karmy (Palestine)
Tareq al Karmy, 1975, a Palestinian poet from the city of Tulkarm. He published 11 poetry files so far. Plays a Nay flute. His poems have been translated into various languages and he has participated in local and international poetry festivals. Al Karmy’s poems attempt to write poems without ending, in a way that creates a deliberate interruption in the poem, leaving space for the reader to engage in writing the ending of the poem and leaving him space for imagination. This is a unique and unusual act in the landscape of Palestinian poetry that makes al Karmy one of the most interesting young voices in contemporary Palestinian poetry.
The smoky morning night
Asleep while asleep the piano
It’s breath stagnates in the corner
from the living room
I will put on the earth
In order to climb
Up to you
Panting breath from the piano
On the staff lines
The lines that look like
On the rails of the train that crosses you
On this smoky morning.
I want a dream to die in the sunset
Where Twilight is an absolute wine bar
I want to die in the Twilight Bar
And near my mare, which is a taoist running the earth
By my horse, which has the hair and braids
I have loved one day
Give me my delicious death.
The moment is a warm cold
Taking in your shower from weeping clouds
and from the milky rain
The pouring rain will bury us under the sheet
Up to the knees
I’ll catch you virgin tonight
Where the iron softens, and the reed softens
It is life babbling at the door of my time
Come, for the stones of my house smelt
cold like the teeth of a horse
You are my heater
And my bones are firewood.
* Evening / winter Tulkarem

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