Dr. Jesús Bottaro (Venezuela)

Dr. Jesús Bottaro (Venezuela)
Dr. Jesús Bottaro is Associate Professor of Literature and Foreign Languages at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York. He earned a Ph.D is Spanish and Luso-Brazilian Literature and Languages from The Graduate Center (CUNY), as well as a Master of Fine Arts from Brooklyn College. Bottaro is one of the founder fathers of Hybrido, a literary magazine based in New York City. He has published essays, short stories, and poetry in anthologies and literary magazines.
My friend,
with the evening,
make go away
this old and useless
desire for conquest.
I had committed to go and so I left, down to the station.
In the first car everyone was crying. In the second one there was a bash. In the third one all sort of business transactions occurred. In the fourth one everyone read diligently. In the next one everyone argued out loud. In the following car no one spoke.
The remaining cars had either no air or they were full of students, blue-collar workers, beggars, elders, groups of protesters and handicapped.
It was announced that the next train would be extremely delayed.
At that point in time, I made a decision. I went up out of the station, and walked.
God might know. . . Who knows, how long it would take me.
Passion in Central Park
On the hart of Central Park
a robust Chestnut tree madly loves a solid granite rock.
Passionately, she hugs him.
The lovers have their romance in a shaded turn of Ninety-Six Street.
Nearby, an envy creek whispers, constantly and clear, his jealousy.
People smile passing by, secretly murmuring and enjoying
this long-standing love.
Accomplice’s afternoon breezes made
fresh green leaves descend in tender kisses
tingling its firm and smooth stone skin.
In summertime the couple sparks on every one warm feelings
and melancholic memories.
Where is my bedrock?
Where hides my leaves of sweet maple trees?
My love is gone?

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