Maid Corbic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Maid Corbic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
My name is Maid Corbic and I come from Tuzla. I am twenty years old and have completed graphic-web design majoring in high school. I have always known that I possess a hidden talent for literature and a written trace. It all started around the age of ten in elementary school, when I got the best grades from written papers from others. The professors at the time were amazed by this play on words and thought that one day I would conquer the world, which was completely unrealistic for me as a kid. Back in that period, I participated in various competitions and sent poetry to eminent people. I never thought that my love for writing would be so strong that in high school at the age of sixteen, the first grade of high school, I would write a whole volume of poetic works. I have also recited songs and recited at several events.
I wrote outside the Internet for five years when it was not so popular, while for the last five years I have been actively writing on the Internet. It was then that I learned that there are many groups in which I can submit my work, and so I was encouraged and enthusiastically received nice feedback. This motivated me to work even harder, and I have achieved great success in the last year. One of them is the recent publication of a poetic work in the KNS International Collection in Sarajevo with the song “Race with Time” “People turned around”, and in India (Salar village), Durbin magazine with the song “Deep Love” I also have two anthologies behind me available on Amazon and Kindle (Lockdown Diaries and A Thousand Words), and I’m expecting a few more, and one is an online anthology via the Suroyday Literary Forum (SLF) website. In addition, I achieved one of the successes in Russia, first place for Sergei’s song A. Jesenjina, where I am immensely grateful to Vladimir Babošin and Nevska Formula who translated my work with pleasure. I also have diplomas and commendations from countries like the Philippines and Bangladesh, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela, India, Syria and others behind me. In addition to this, I was published on the portals Dunjalučar, Knjiž, and I was awarded in World Poetry (WLO). It is important to point out that I was also represented in the print media in the Culture of Dreams, which gave me a collection of songs that I did not hope for, so I had to make a registration fee. Apart from this, I am also represented in the collection from the magazine “Modno”, which decided to publish and deliver my prose work on the topic of COVID-19 to my home address. It is especially in the written trail that I conquer daily challenges via Facebook and receive numerous praises from excellent writers from both our and foreign climates. My great role models are people who are brave in life and fight for the future of a better world. I am also a representative of the written trace in Egypt with the highest degree of charity, and in Syria as an Ambassador of Cultural Differences. I have virtually over 200+ awards, of which I single out the world magazine Taifas from Italy, and from Spain by Gerda Garcia Hernandez for charity. I am also the winner of a challenge created by Poetry Planet (poetry, quotes). I also recently became the Editor of the largest Balkan poetry site, the First Virtual Art Olympics. Administrator on several pages of the Facebook platform, of which Nigeria, Indonesia. In the end, I will just say that my works have traveled almost all over the world.
I will mention that in my early childhood I received a book as a gift from the writer Bajruzin Hajra Planjac for excellent success in primary school with a signature and a desire to achieve many successes in the future. My songs are mostly love types of a sad character, but also realistic ones in which I try to convey the message to today’s world. In addition to poetry, I also write prose, poetry, haiku and aphorisms. This year I am representing my country in Tunisia via the Zoom app. I also have many publications behind me, of which I single out “Small Leaf” from Manchester, United Kingdom.
I ran to feel your step
Which always eluded me somehow
Well, I started living my dreams a long time ago
And that I unfortunately admire flowers
How is it possible for love to fly away like that
Doesn’t she have her first and last name?
If loving is a sin, may God punish me
I am an individual who believes a lot in goodness
And I guess that’s why God loves him so much
And it saves from hardships
He locks himself in his shackles of shame
Iron, smelly and poisonous
In my eyes primarily, even the body
The body is accustomed to all the changes in the world
He learned to refuse everything
And you, my sore point of contact
The fictitious imagination of the fruit of my work
Disappear, don’t come back to me
Then when I don’t like you anymore
When I’m not worth you anymore
And I become just an ordinary pen on paper
Why are you inking it!
I keep quiet a lot, and I would say a lot
Yes, the crossroads costs us almost our lives
Because even though you were a part of me, you are no longer that
I can go on alone
And you see how you’re going to deal with it
I have a soul just like you
And I live on something, bread and water!
So when you come back to me and I bore you with others
You’ll find me again, but you’ll only find dust
Because people don’t live forever
Nor is it just a stupid fairy tale for children
Go to me – come to me does not exist
Him: “Trying or not”
Because I deserve to have a better one than you
And it can’t be you!
No one needs the torture of captivity out of ordinary love
Which may not even be tried
How much I gave myself to so many people so lightly
That I can no longer even count on my own fingers
And that’s the only way I get rejected because of my looks
Like others are much nicer than me?
No one today sees the notion of the soul and the free spirit
It is important that they ask you, “How old are you?”
Because if you have a little, you are not suitable for socializing
So today, unfortunately, people have to fence themselves
Some stupid behavior, when the right person comes
Then we definitely move away from best friends
Which we’ve had in our lives, parents
It is too late to repent when I am phlegmatic for reality
I certainly do the dumbest things in the world of Transience
I give my heart lightly to everyone, I connect with everyone I find
Any time
Because I am a man of emotions, I cannot change easily
Although everyone wants to change me at their discretion!
I am not a robot, so I can be like other beings
My name is special which means peace and tranquility
Believing in a better world, I prefer to stay lonely in the end
Because this seems to be the time when true love is not valued
And it all falls apart when I show what kind of person I really am
Naive – blind!
Nothing is really wrong, not even this problem of mine
I will imprint the decree of freedom on my brain and the convolutions of the brain
Yes I will remain what I am no matter the environment
Which changes abruptly thanks to gloomy people
Which bring only rain, let the Sun not warm me
After years of suffering and pain that sometimes the wind blows
With all his strength, he tried to calm my problems
Which I have, that again as much as I dream of the right person next to me
Sometimes it takes time to make everything I dream come true
But in the end, what is destined will come, won’t it?
I am to many just a trail that will pass through the World
But I’m sure there’s also some person like me
Dibra and maybe a little naive when it comes to love
Because no matter how much she disappoints us, everything passes with time
So I hope to be lucky and survive the new challenge
“How do you deal with the 21st century, when people are choosing the end?
Doesn’t anyone care to meet a person without prejudice? ”
Time passes and from year to year I see only a decline
Physically, temperatures drop sharply and stereotypes develop
Just because the past taught them self-defense
Instead of giving at least hope to themselves and the other person
Because no one is the same, so he will be like me, who deserves the best
Decree of freedom of captivity of love!

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