Ganu Ganev (Bulgaria)

Ganu Ganev (Bulgaria)
Ganu Ganev was born on June 10, 1958 in the village of Belozem, Bulgaria. In 1989, he founded his own Vollard Gallery, as well he was tightly involved with publishing and producing а variety of music albums. He is a very well-known organizer of festivals related to Bulgarian and European culture. G. Ganev also has a fine talent in poetry, literature, architectural design and composition.
Day seven – Sunday
Time – tick,
Vanity – tack,
Time – tick –
as the hastle vanishes from veins – sic!
And the gong – ding
crunch and dong
a staring lunch interfered.
And the device – click
and voice –calm .
In the afternoon – soon.
Fresh evening knocked ”bing- bang” – stubborn gong.
day, day-dreaming – calm and dumb,
gained some force – confusing bug.
Inhaling time, the burden rose to – tick
taming the daily fuss
A Snowdrop
In the hasty summer of its hopes
it sneaks a fragile stem – barely,
barely illuminated by a winter ray.
The deaf spring hides its traps
so that the gentle blossom
dives into silence with joy, delight,
being chosen by a moment hard,
swings in its white
dissolving in a scary,
but magnificent SILENCIUM!
A glance with a burglary searches for the fundus of the forthcoming.
Divination hastily changes the predicted moment.
A move is a move of relentless balance,
the plan is there.
Ticked and developed.

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