Love… / Poem by Eva Petropoylou Lianoy

Poem by Eva Petropoylou Lianoy
Un mask yourself
welcome Love
for a second
Because Love is inthe air.
Unmask yourself
Welcome Passion
as you have the right to be Happy
Every minute of your life.
Unmask yourself
Open your heart
Prepare your soul
For good and bad
As U are unique and Love recognize you.
Unmask yourself
Have no fear
Love is here
As a God treat all equally
Unmask your self
Keep your hands up
Pray for better days
Love is coming
Love is close
Man and woman
Soon will hug each other
Unmask your self
Welcome Love
As it will come suddenly
Embrace your past
Cherish your present
Future will be full of prosperity for you.
©®Eva Petropoulou
Eva Petropoylou Lianoy-Writer

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