Moonbeams on Ripples / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Moonbeams on Ripples
How can love only be in the air
On one single day
It simply swims with you
Like moonbeams on ripples
Up and down the tossing waves
Defying the currents , whirlpools and eddies
Doggedly and stubbornly
It knows no reason or cause
Love waits in the by lanes and side streets
Biding it’s time with patience
No vulture this
Just a wide eyed owl with night vision
Probing and scanning your innards
Defying all norms laid down
By a policing society
Tossing away caution to the howling winds
Deaf to all sneering warnings
Ominous and nostril flared glares
It halts not in mid stride
Not caring if it’s shameless
“Mullan maar na bolariyan sanu apna yaar manawan de
Kanjri bann meri izzat na ghatdi mainu nach ke yaar manawan de”
Love knocks on your door
Without any qualms
Again and again
A teen taal or a keherva
African drums in dense jungles
Resounding in halls of fame
Framing your sorrow in gold
Put up on walls of hate
Peering down from foggy forts
Princesses imprisoned forever
In castles build of caste and class
While Majnu sang of his Laila
In searing sands of deserts
Copyright Lily Swarn 13.2.2021

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