Down The Blue Stream / Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov

Poem by Marija Najthefer Popov
Down The Blue Stream
I feel like a river,
You come and expand my currents,
You undermine my decisions,
Rooted into the sandy shores,
On which I write everything,
And you don’t forget.
Let me ask you where you are,
How are you?
Are you sleeping?
There is no fear of death
As we run and dive into each other
Where our submarines are hiding
Immersed in the core.
You are my tattoo,
You will die after me,
I shall embalm you with tar
That flows down from my secret chamber.
I feel myself,
You come and kill my intentions,
My every thought seeks you,
And you say, ‘I’m here’,
Just read the signposts,
On printed skin, let it flow,
Immerse yourself in my abysses,
Before that I wash my loose decisions.
My arms are outstretched.
He was crucified on them,
Let the water of your mouth,
Dribble on me,
Like an inexhaustible waterfall,
In the middle where our home is,
Where we build our dreams,
Where we hide and find each other,
Down the blue streams,
My love!

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