Felipe de Jesús A. Hernández (México)

Felipe de Jesús A. Hernández (México)
Agricultural engineer, graduated from the University of Guadalajara, México, with a 100 Degree. Author of several brochures and technical and scientific articles. Author of the Poetry books: “Genios de Letras”, published in United States of America, 2018. “Beautiful and pretty Lady, México, 2018, “Aroma en Brisa” Polish-English-Spanish, México, 2020. First Anthology of poets from Unamos al Mundo con la Poesía” México-India, in Englis-Spanish, México, 2020. “To Think Tranquil”, Englis – Spanish (in edition). “Anthology: A Cry for the Peace”, with the participation of 137 poets of 55 countries from four Continents.
In preparation a collection of poems in Odia – English – Spanish with one poetrees from India. Participation in the book of poems: “My Symphony – Love, Peace and Harmony”, published in India by the Hindu poet Bijoy Bakat. Administrator of the page of World Union of Poets. Member of “Unity World Peace Poets”, “Association of Universal Poets and Writers”, “World Literature Academy”,
“International Human Rights Organization”, The International Forum for Creativity and Humanity”, “Renacimiento Literario Árabe Moderno”, “Accademia Poetica Mondiale, ERATO”, “Motivational Strips”, “Gobal Vision Poetry”, “Poetry and Literature World Vision”,
“Munir Mezyed Foundation”, and more of others 50 poetry organizaciones and groups. Creator and Director of “Unamos al Mundo con la Poesía”. When nobody believed that the poets of the World could be United, Unamos al Mundo con la Poesía showed that not only credible but a reality.
Inventor of the “Multinacional Collective Poems”, with the elaboration of more than 850 collective poems and the participation of poets from 101 countries from the five Continents. Co- producer of one International radio of poetry program on line. Conductor of the “Third Meeting of Poets”, in Puebla, México, traslator of more than 150 poems by poets from several countries from English to Spanish. Some of his poems have been traslated into more than 15 different languages, and he has participated in different National and International meetings and anthologies.
When is deliver the soul
Burn your skin, my body still burns
quench my thirst, quench my desire.
Finish the job, leave me pleased, leave me satisfied until I fall rendered
You back to start, that everything is perfect
the sun will make you burn
when crossing my desert.
You will flood again, with the intense river,
the waters of your sea will invade to the mine.
Take at random, the parts that you much love
it will start again, the bonfire with its flames.
The wind will shake the leaves and branches
and the stem will tremble lacking of the calm.
The strong whirlpool returns again
the storm is coming, hug you with me.
Look at my eyes, tear my soul away
let me see you, come …
Come, die with me.
Don’t stop, no, there’s no time left
we must of to live, as just this moment
The sea is coming, its waves enlarge
they reach our shore, as if it were only one.
Calm returns, returns the peace and the soul
kiss me love, with a delicate kiss.
Stay Like this, not everything is over
lets me to caress, your face how much I love.
Let me see you like this, watch you sleep
that the world is now more beautiful.
How beautiful your smile,
illuminate your gaze
how beautiful are all you, my little princess, beloved.
How beautiful is the love
when the soul is surrendered.
I still hear you like in the first moment
remain latent the moments and memories
and in the silent solitude tremble my hands
as in the same moment of the first meeting.
Sighs the sea when the night is coming
smiles the moon as happy as no any
the waves rise almost reaching the sky
the fishes jump motivated by the zeal.
And the words that many time were saided
they are repeated gladding those bliss
that were housed in the mind and in the body
like a sanctuary of the eternal and of the ethereal.
And suddenly your image reappears
image present that its put before the death
and remains until every dawn nesting in the conscious and subconscious.
To wake up to sad reality again of your fatal departure that takes part of life
but what gives happiness only for remember
of magna bliss for the love so conceived.
All Rights Reserved
Felipe de Jesús A. Hernández

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