Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
you broke it
You broke it…
The world of me…
my dreams, my heart..
The old me…
The gone me…!!!
Love is a Pandora’s Box.
Full of surprises,
Full of excitement.
Once you open it,
Your life begins.
You are inspiration
Dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
You are the inspiration
the inspiration
in all that I do,
in that which I achieve.
my key
My story began with you.
I was the song to your heart
You were the lock to my key
I can feel
Your lips are so beautiful
Your lips are so soft
your lips are so sweet
Your lips meet mine
You kiss me deeply and sweetly
I can feel the butterflies inside my stomach begin to flutter
his eyes
when i looked
into his eyes
i saw so many unknown galaxies
you and me
two lives hearts
new intertwines
you and me
in silence
In silence then, I’ll just love you.
In silence I’ll find…
The fulfillment of my dreams.
I am creativity
Give me life and
I’ll revive you
I am creativity

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