Sue Zhu (淑文), New Zealand

Sue Zhu (淑文), New Zealand
Sue Zhu (淑文), New Zealand Chinese poet, Artist and organizer of international cultural exchanges. She used to be a TV host in China, now lives in Auckland. She is a director of the New Zealand Poetry and Art Association, honorary director of the US-China Culture and Art Center, the NZ representative of the art literary movement “Immagine and Poesia” in Italy, a member of the Chinese Poetry Society, One of the founders of All Souls Poetry club, a vice president of Montreal International Dragon-Boat Culture and Art Festival in Canada, President of New Zealand Branch of Hong Kong Youth Poetry Alliance, In New Zealand, USA and China, she serves some Chinese magazines and poetry clubs as a consultant and editor.
She has been published 3 books in children’s education series, 2 poetry books (bilingual, in press ), Her paintings, poems and translation works have been published in the international magazines and newspapers, her poems were translated into different languages and get published in the countries.
In 2021, she won the Italian Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano X Literary Award with works being recommended for public reading, Pushcart Prize Normination (USA) for 2020,
She also won the second prize of the “Monkey King Cup” world Chinese poetry competition,
received the excellent prize of the exquisite short poem international contest of “I write a poem for beauty” held in Zhang Jia Jie, China.
She was invited to attend the Panorama International Literary Festival and Odyssey International Festival, was interviewed by the Publisher Weekly Arabic ( Al Nasher Al Usboei) magazine last Sep and won Hongkong “Xiangjiang Information Network ” Top 10 Literary and Art Model Figures .
In 2019, she received the Certificate of Achievement conferred by the Munir Mezyed Foundation for Culture and Arts in Romania.
In 2018, she won the second prize in the inaugural China literary competition of the “Ji Feng Tang Cup”,
the third prize of the International Poetry Competition of the “Poetry and Faraway Places”, the second prize of the Annual Poetry Rally of the “China Village” magazine,
the Excellence award of the “Mid-Autumn Poetry Competition” organized by the DE Zhou Evening News,
and the Excellence Award of the Yueqing Imperial Decoration Cup “Snow” National poetry Competition.
In 2017, she won the Excellent Award of Taoyuan “Dragon Boat Festival” National Poetry Contest.
Death as Rebirth
The screaming sound goes on and on
Blood splattered all over the ground
“What a pity, how painful!
The city is suffocating”,
My mother keeps saying every day
Until her strength is no more
They have been digging in the area
Trees are surrendering to give way
As she yells for them
And damp tears flickering in her eyes,
I hasted to give her some tissues,
Wishing they would be the message
She should have known.
Translated by George Onsy (Egypt)

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