I’ll get better !!! – Poem by Shamil Enveroghlu (Azerbaijan) / Translated into Azerbaijani : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi

Poem by Shamil Enveroghlu (Azerbaijan)
I’ll get better !!!
Don’t look the jolly smile on my face
I hid the tears in my eyes, like the sea..
How many stones I hid …inside
in the rebellious … , the wounded heart ,
How many broken hope pierce my heart
Word flows … not blood … now …
is sprawling out … over the paper… my bloody words ,
How many eyes look to my pain … now.
Who left the life, would left so,
without returning , like the drop tears,
May be somebody would guest , in your life…
But didn’t calm you down … like the belovered
You would hope for love, like the raining ,
To wash the loneness ,taking from you,
You would hope for the woman, like your own mother,
To put up the head on the knees, for sleeping sometimes.
Let keeps your hands, those hands that,
To feel someone is … by your side
Let pouring joy and happiness from the eyes,
Never mind , your years go by.
Never feel pain on your left…
Throw the stone pain … from yourself…
Let , wipe out the pain…never feel ..
pain of heart… and head…
What’s wrong with me, doctor?
don’t exaggerate so much, I can endure…
all my pains are embedded in my heart
If you pull it out, I’ll get better !!!
Translated into Azerbaijani : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doctor Philosophy on Philology
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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