Mohidilkhon Abdullayeva (Uzbekistan)

Mohidilkhon Abdullayeva (Uzbekistan)
Mohidilkhon Abdullayeva was born in 1998 in the Andijan region of Uzbekistan. Her creative works featured in local newspapers and magazines.
Mohidilkon works as a correspondent for the literary-creative and decorated children’s magazine “Guncha”. Her first collection of poems published by the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan with 10,000 copies.
The room. The rebellion begins,
Of silence and lamp in the dark,
The next page may be open,
The sense would burn and become ashes.
Boredom sleeps in my heart,
Holding the hands of the resistance,
I read: “… so primitive, sad”
Indeed, did Pushkin know about me?!
You don’t recognize that you are Eugene,
I can’t dare tell you.
I know that Onegin is a killer,
And you? You are also a killer of my love.
If I lived Tatyana’s life,
I wonder what will happen tomorrow?!
No, no, my goal is only love,
And Onegin.
My eyes would have given birth,
A plea takes its place with my word.
Tatyana’s God is Pushkin,
O God, my creator is only you!
You take me to my love…
And a voice comes over you,
Pushkin had known me without reservation,
He just called “Tatyana”.
My torments are strange to you,
But Pushkin observes,
God knows.
While you ask for happiness in separations,
My lashes only play one note.
I was on the side of love before, and still like this,
Oh, love would recognize me again.
Heaven sends its expression to Earth:
Rain is love
Rain is love.
Nobody blames the drops are innocent,
They slowly smell the soil.
Oh God, I wish the world would warm my heart,
He had burned my tongue!
A thousand years of captivity flew from the soul,
Is love a mistake that the lips could not hide?!
The dance of dissatisfaction, a reflection of dreams,
Is love really granted by heaven?!
…You exist with my dull laughter,
Forgetting is just remembering again.
From my senses what heavenly smell leaches,
A lover grows again and again –
When the sun leaves the sky,
The moon and the welkin are sad.
Its midnight and my tortures,
Throw yourself out of my eyes!
You left as silently as the sun,
This day had broken the body of the night.
If your shoulder couldn’t carry,
The questions,
The break up,
I got lashes!
What made the stars shine?
Why is the face of a leaf wrinkled?
Or has people’s lies made them old?
It’s called “I’ll be back”.
Look at the ways of destiny,
They covered the goodbyes.
Be the sky and learn from the dawn,
How to hide your sad soul!
I’m a leaf and my blessed laughter,
They were fascinated by the zephyr stroke,
The rebellious heat, my submission for autumn –
My yellow body was bigger than green.
You became a wind –
It couldn’t even be useless to go on,
At the moment your shoulders are lifting the rain.
To be completely ripped off was my destiny,
The roots of my trees were shaking hard.
You know, I’m a leaf, a leaf,
I am a deplorable and humiliated leaf.
While not dancing to the melodies of the wandering wind,
I am the pale golden leaf for only a palm.
Autumn rains grow from my eyes,
The years save my boredom on their wings.
As he lifts a flower from the pains in her body,
Love lives on the moans of every leaf.
I am the leaf!
If you enter my soul again like autumn,
As it fills the West and the East with silence,
Isn’t it a visit from autumn oppression for a girl?
The one who aspired more and more to the sense of spring!
If you enter my soul again like autumn,
If spring blossoms a flower on my lashes,
If I give up the old emotions,
Is there any other option than to burn in the fall?
If you enter my soul again like autumn,
And if you send me to frost,
Your pride is mediocre rock…
Then I have ground out of the sky!

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