Yulduz ORMANOVA (Uzbekistan)

Yulduz ORMANOVA (Uzbekistan)
Yulduz ORMANOVA, was born in 1995 in Khojaabad district of Andijan region, Uzbekistan. Winner of the State Prize named after Zulfiya (2011) and Prezidental scholarship (2019). Her scientific articles, translations and poems have been published several times on presses of Saudi Arabia, India, Spain and the United States. Y. Ormanova graduated the Uzbek state World languages university, fueld of English philology (2018). Also graduated the University of journalism and mass Communications of Uzbekistan with a master’s degree in journalism (2020). Correspondent of “Yangi Uzbekistan” newspaper.
In my eyes live the joy and luck,
In my heart lives the great love.
Though my vein the poetry flows,
My world is word, my land is paradise.
The proud boils at my chest,
And my pencil is excitement.
Flourished that in my eyes
My love is for you, Motherland!
You are my root and I’m your star,
We are together the whole heart.
Well, I need water and air,
But I need you more than all.
Oh, my country, look at my forehead,
There’re ten gold letters like the sun.
With the signature of my God
It is written like “Uzbekistan”!
How they’ve lived
People in the past.
When the rubber yet
Hadn’t been instant?
Maybe they wrote unerring,
All knew writing better.
Or didn’t write from longing
Lovers trouble letter.
No! In reality long since
Love exists in each soul.
They will show proof to this
Every witness rock stone.
Those inscriptions still
Hadn’t been lost, hadn’t moved.
Even through rain, snow
They hadn’t been effaced!..
As world was changing
The whole period varied too.
Today to everything
Will be found one chance.
By blackening white paper,
Nights I launch my soul bird.
Poem falls down from pencil,
If I don’t like, I erase it.
Color of wine will come off,
Even ink-stain washes out too.
But if grief puts a slur, brother,
Upon a heart, will it go?!
Chagrins are at my chest,
In past, my faults are many.
Is there any rubber that
Can erase memory?..

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