Poems by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand

Poems by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand
When we are in pain, we shed tears.
And they are visible.
When WE cause pain
To nature’s clan
Can we see their tears?
Winds do not blow
Unmindful of the stink
That humanity gives out
They feel the burden
And feel choked at times
And when things dont stop
Summon courage and run riot
To make a dent into the ordered chaos.
If you can.
Put your bosom against the ocean
Listen to its sighs, its pain
Its helplessness to stop your hands
Carrying stench.
God has imparted it
An uncanny power of obedience
No knee jerk reaction.
Winds and waters don’t get back on you
Until they exhaust their patience
And then there are cataclysms
And untold destruction
Building flatten,
Men die
And it does not stop
Till all is balanced out.
Better we look into the eyes of nature.
See the pain in the eyes of
Its creatures
And fear
Lest they should run into tears
Else we invoke the angry gods
Who set in motion the devastational mechanism
To bring to senses
The errant actors of the civilized world.
Time stood waiting
All attention
Looking at me
Felt disappointed
All its hopes shattered
To find in me another Narcissus
And he subjected me too
To Sisyphus’s destiny
To roll it up and watch it slide down.
When a lake and you
Come together
It waits you will throw a pebble
Or write a lyric
Splashing its waters
Creating ripples of joy and sorrow
I see the sun shining
And star studded nights
Blessed O dreams! You arrive
Am I lost in the void?
Where is time?
Has it lost interest in me?
Or it finds in me
Just another will less stone
Thrown at random into waters unknown?

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