I love you – Poem by Mohamed Ali Farjeoui / Translated into English by Imen Melliti

Poem by Mohamed Ali Farjeoui
I love you
I love you in spite of
the distance
And man’s injustice
And fate judgment
In spite of that Spring regression
And the silence of the flowers
And the absence of the moon
I love you
Secretly as openly..
Dwelering my chest
Embracing my heart
Tickling my mind
As a whisper of lips
To jasmine
As a full star
With that moon
I love you
And sparks of light
Shining every morning
Caressing the dawn of fancy
And collects dusk stars
From the nectar of nostalgia
I love you,as i
love dew
Of flower fields
And a fragrance love of spring
And the shadow of the clouds
Over the departed ones
I love you
As a night adorable lover
I love you
With your belonging
As well as your insolation
your invasion of my soul
I love you
In Time of distance
In Time of Hibernation
Epidemic time
And in farwell
Love you a melody
For this time
And a unique play
From a terrible silence
Dictated by destiny
I love you
Oh morning sun
And the evening sun
And the years sun
Love you as a painting
Out of those days
Days of childhood
As a newborn baby.
I love you
Most beautiful lady.


Translated into English by Imen Melliti

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