Galaxy In Silvery / Poem by James Tian

Poem by James Tian
Galaxy In Silvery
Did you feel powerless always
Especially at midnights,
And felt lonely unexpectedly,
Between the dim light?
Oh look at the galaxy,
Just sighing that you lost your smile.
Come on and return to brave,
The breeze of your voice is clear now in sight.
Remember my friends that you’re not alone on the road of life,
There are still thousands of hopes waiting on your future time.
Just got someone’s said that the blessings can be achieved by our true souls and delight,
Don’t forget at that moment that I’m one of your guys.
Lonely nights,
The lonely wounds will be cured by the candlepower that be ignited from your eyes.
The shadow of god,
May become the most love and very surprise.
Snowy hearts,
The snowy white will heal our surroundings in selflessness of bright.
Ah it’s that warmth waving and dispersing the cold and sorrow,
Simple as so but the truth’s just like.

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