Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
Self Beyond; Body Grounded—
( Self under lockdown 2021)
Reality continues, but I am still.
I am being held, not at my will;
I hold self, whilst the world’s still
spinning, and the air with it – but
I – am – still; Yesterday, I wished
I was by the sea, the light would
of been scintillating, sun on water.
I heard the call, seagulls midair—
They’re in my eyeballs with floaters,
particles of sand all over:
Recognition of reality, I cling to
a lie, yesterday’s wish had to be
broken. Under today’s light, the
joy-flows directly over fatigue –
Beyond is gathering up-my senses,
though it has difficulty challenging
my heart – your heart and mind;
face over former self— living life
I Am At, The Crossroads Of Being—
I like to be still, embrace difference.
Intensity of silence, draws me still;
Surge of thought – feels – unbound
I also want to whirl through earth-
using my mind and out through my
fingers; evoke thought and let it
spill over, on course with joy,
whilst activity is now under focus.
Life’s peculiar aspect is the now:
Times-slow-flow is presently richer
for its sensitivity; I wait for the middle
of the paradox to go beyond

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