Evgenia Tagareva (Bulgaria)

Evgenia Tagareva (Bulgaria)
Evgenia Tagareva is a poet, translator of poetry, pianist and music pedagogue, author of songs and piano works.
She works from an early age, her first appearances were during the school years – in literary competitions, in periodicals, on radio and television.
She is the author of the poetry collections “House in the Sky” (1993), “Right to Return” (1995), “Music from the Temple” (2013), as well as a collection of original music for piano “Sounds of Infinity” (2019).
Her poems have been translated and published in German and Polish. She presents her work at original musical and poetic recitals in different cities in Bulgaria and Europe. She takes an active part in all publications and performances of the International Poetry Festival “Spirituality without Borders” since its establishment in 2015. Member of the Society of Plovdiv Writers.
Founder and President of the Foundation for Art, Culture and Young Talents “Fire of Orpheus”, which implements a number of national and international projects.
Evgenia Tagareva’s poetry reveals the spiritual quests and the rich inner world of man – a cosmic being with creative power and a desire to know his original divine essence.
I believe in the heavenly magic
And so I call on you
Come, Worlds
Come over here
Transform everything
Oh, Worlds of heaven
Open up to the earthly human
Reveal your deepness, appear to him
May your magic bring light
To the seeming hopelessness of our lives
May the Earth be free
From despair and darkness
                         Let it shine
The soul of the World
The apocalypse
is inside us!
Where can the light of the heart be found?
We always question and search, and desire…
Let us ourselves be the light of life
before the darkness makes us blind!
May we suffer!
With the patience of an ant,
with the dignity of a flower,
with the fervour in our wings!
Shall we suffer?
Yes, But only if the wailings
leave diamond traces
in our souls!
A bloody drop is falling into my earthly eye
A pearl is shining inside the heavenly light eye
A blow! Then pain, and flesh, and darkness in the heart!
The aspiration flows into the soul
                                                     and once more
I’m Love!

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