Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
She was damn cute that willowy German woman
she served dinner in a Balkan restaurant
somewhere in the center of West Berlin in the late eighties
she wasn’t taller than one meter and forty-seven centimeters
with blond hair and freckles on her face the color of almonds
she looked brighter than the bluest sky
my eyes, my mind, and my soul
could not get enough of her mischievous and sultry walk
she was smiled at me like an angel, magically
making the place brighter and more romantic
I do not remember whose smiles and glances
were more frequent and dizzier
that night I dreamed about her a hundred times in one minute
in thousands and thousands of different scenes
those were the most beautiful dreams that year
the next morning I went to the Berlin Wall
and wanted to demolish it with my bare hands
cut a piece where someone drew a heart
and take it to that a little mischievous German woman
who last night penetrated every crease and every pore of mine
and selflessly came in unannounced dreams
I wanted to show her how much she meant to me last night
then in front of me flew an unusual bird
under the tip of the wall between East and West Berlin
in the form of my little German woman
and landed almost silently on my right shoulder
I turned and instead of a bird
I saw the gentle white hand of my cute German beloved
this morning her smile radiates
from her eyes and lips
guten morgen fraulein Anna Schwarz
how nice to see a familiar face right here next to the wall
not far from the Brandenburg Gate
last night you made my night, tonight’s dream
and today is a beautiful day
nothing more beautiful could have happened to me
she laughed like last night
with eyes, lips, face, hair, and every inch of her body
she emanated warm magic that engulfed me
her enthusiasm filled me with passion
her touch so familiar as if we had known each other for years
just like that, she was my mischievous little German girl
playing me as if she was playing a waltz at a ballroom in Vienna
and smiling with all her body spontaneously
a few years later Ana Schwarz cut out a heart
from the Berlin Wall
wrote my name on it and wore it as an amulet
and I was ready that distant morning
to bring down the Berlin Wall in a flash
for one more smile from my German girl
and the way she moved her body
that night
I was hovering in the clouds
all because of Ana

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